Symbolism and literature are strong influences in my portraiture paintings. I use these elements, and incorporate line variation and colour to convey the complexity of human emotion. I am a highly sensitive person and I feel things very deeply. In my adolescence I filled journal after journal as an outlet for my abundant conflicting and overwhelming emotions. Using the opposite end of my paintbrush I literally narrate my paintings by etching discrete little messages; tiny symbols, quotes, words and phrases that resonate with me into the slippery strokes that oil paint provides. These instinctual markings emerge as the subject matter evolves. Words are powerful and precision of language is important to me. I am very selective when choosing which words I will utilize to elevate each piece. I always complete my paintings with drips, splatters and compositional brush strokes. I like my artwork to appear messy, even though each mark, stroke, and carving is made intentionally.