Meet The Artist


Like a child, I will start by saying that my favourite colour is yellow. Like an artist, I will further explain that my favourite shade of yellow is yellow ochre.

I am drawn to what some consider “sad” songs, and love to get in my feelings while listening to my most soul wrenching tunes while I paint. Think “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver or “Pearl” by Sobi, or literally anything by Kina Grannis.

I am a Mom to two young boys, Henry (5) and Clifford (3) and married to a carpenter. We grew up and are living in Prince Edward County, Ontario… which, if you know, you know. It’s a pretty amazing place.

If this means anything to you, I am a Virgo, an Enneagram 4, a condiment obsessed foodie, an environmentalist, the middle child of 5 kids and I am known to be brutally honest.

I studied art at AIS through distance education in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I graduated with 4.0 GPA and honours from Sheridan College of Art and Design for their Visual and Creative Arts Program and am currently taking the Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute.

Get to know me better on instagram; @angelajanelavender where I am frequently posting in my feed and stories. Read intimate captions to learn more about who I am and what motivates my artwork. 

Thank you for being here, 

I like you already! 💛✨