Face Your Light

The middle child of five, Angela was often left to her own devices to entertain herself in her hometown of Prince Edward County, Ontario. From a very young age, much to her parents dismay, she would colour on every surface she could get her hands on. Everything from paper to the furniture and walls. As her artistic talent was recognized by teachers, she learned to channel them into more appropriate materials and began her journey in pursuing a career as a professional artist.

In 2012 Angela graduated from The Visual and Creative Arts Program at Sheridan College of Art and Design with honours, a silver medal and a 4.0 GPA. Prior to that she studied Art Fundamentals through distance education at AIS in Minneapolis, Minnesota but she truly discovered her artistic voice during the pandemic. She is a member of the Prince Edward County Arts Council and has taught art through the Baxter Centre for Arts in Bloomfield and the County Arts Lab in Picton.

She currently has artwork at The Local in Bloomfield, ON. and L’Art De Vivre Galerie in Saguenay, QC.

Angela is a mixed media artist who’s vibrant artwork is an expressive dance of colour and intricate line work. Her process begins with fast paced intuitive mark making and as she gets lost in creation, she slows her rhythm. The longer she paints the more detailed her layers become. She has been classically trained to create movement using the colour temperature of oils, bringing her artwork an outstanding level of depth. Each piece is completed with thousands of tiny dots using a script brush, drawing the viewer in and getting lost amidst the brushstrokes that each layer has to offer.

“We have a responsibility to make the world a better place for the next generation that comes after us. And that effort begins with healing your  heart, and facing your light. That light and love extends to everyone around you. The choices you make today have a ripple affect with a lasting impact.”

-Angela Jane Lavender

Angela’s Prince Edward County art studio is in the lower level of the home that she and her husband, Jeremy, built together while they were engaged. She is a mother to two young boys, Henry (7) and Clifford (5). She is currently balancing painting and parenting in PEC and intends to open her own private gallery and studio in the heart of the County.






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