The Gemini Twins

Angela Jane Lavender

The Gemini Twins

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Mixed Media

18” x 24”

Clearly I am drawn to powerful women who have built successful careers for themselves because this iconic duo have been doing it since they were nine months old.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been deeply involved in the boardrooms and behind the scenes endeavours of all of their movies and merchandise from day one. Their mother wanted to ensure they played an active role in decision making and that they were present for the entire process, even when they were too little to understand.

They were a sensation that created an abundance of trends and followers before Instagram even existed. They had merchandise, tv shows, movies, clubs, books, and eventually multiple fashion lines,

Gemini’s are smart and adaptable like the Olsen’s but they can also be anxious and indecisive. Most Gemini’s I know are either a literal twin (like my husband) or they are a singleton with a personality that feels like double.

Getting to know a Gemini can be a struggle. You can go your whole life feeling like you know them through and through, but it’s up to them if and when they show you both sides of the coin.

I feel like that was the case with The Olsen Twins as well. We grew up watching their joy and creativity, but it wasn’t until adulthood that we saw the repercussions of a lifetime of fame.

To know a Gemini, if they let you in, is an an absolute treasure.