The First on the Fifth

Angela Jane Lavender

The First on the Fifth

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

10” x 10”

I had two radically different birth experiences with my two sons. The first was a terrifying emergency c-section, where we feared Henry would die before he took his first breath. It would be days before I could hold him. The second was a remedial VBAC where I embraced Clifford with a river of tears and laughter.

The one common denominator though; with both of my babies, and with every baby, is that it doesn’t matter how or when it happens. If it’s seconds after that final push or days; weeks or even months after they are housed in the NICU...

That first time you hold your newborn baby in your arms is EVERYTHING.

It is a flood of emotion.

It is a sense of belonging and understanding.

It is a feeling that can’t be replicated.

At long last I held you.

Both of you.

And it was everything.

And more.


-Featuring Jennifer and Declan-