Prince Edward County Silhouette No. 1

Angela Jane Lavender

Prince Edward County Silhouette No. 1

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Mixed Media on Wood and Coated in Resin

24" x 30"

Ten years ago, when someone would ask me where I was from I would always say:

Me: Prince Edward County!

X: ...?

Me: Sandbanks?

X: ...?

Me: Do you know Belleville?

X: ...?

Me: What about Kingston ?

X: Oh yeah I know Kingston!

Me: I live an hour west of Kingston.

...and then I would dive into all of the wonderful things about Prince Edward County. How it was going to be to Toronto, what the Hampton’s is to NYC. I would brag about all the new wineries, the culinary gems and boasting community of artists!

People never really new how to respond. Some people pictured PEC as a dead town. A little nothing paper town.

Now, when I tell people I live in Prince Edward County. They know exactly where I’m talking about.

I made this piece because I love my hometown. I’m born and raised and here to stay. It features a wine tour map and several wines from the area. This piece is destined for someone who LOVES Prince Edward County!