Make Art

Angela Jane Lavender

Make Art

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Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper

30" x 22"

Every child is an artist. Right away. First grasp and scribble of a crayon. Boom. It’s art. Adored by parents everywhere, proudly taped in baby books and displayed on fridges.

As they grow their art work evolves into little faces with stick arms and legs, yellow suns, little hearts and backwards letters. They beam! Undeniably proud of their creations, presented triumphantly to anyone who will look! At around age 7 children begin to feel self conscious about their artwork.

I’m in my thirties and I am STILL self conscious about my artwork. This piece represents facing that fear head on and making artwork anyway. Making something good, something not so good, something downright awful. Until one day you discover that you have rendered something in its true form. Something so characteristically you that suddenly you want the world to see it.

This piece is for the artists. The fuel to their creative fire. Don’t let it burn out