Angela Jane Lavender


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Mixed Media

30" x 22"

Caught in a teenage love triangle, “Unrequited” navigates the pain of being burned by the same boy over and over again. I was young, in love and I was engulfed with heartache. He was the first boy I ever loved and the first time I ever had my heart broken. I was cheated on, lied to, and repeat. I was gullible and he seemed wise at the time. My love turned to hate for the longest time and I loathed him. He was the bad guy and I was the victim. 

But time and distance have a way of healing the heart and giving you perspective. Now I look back at all the years I wasted energy on someone who didn’t truly care about me and I don’t have any animosity or resentment towards him. I pity him and I hope he finds love one day. I pity my former self for not knowing her worth. 

Nothing hurts quite like the sting of unrequited love... but whats bad for the heart is good for your art.

This piece is for the hopeless romantics; the Romeos that fall in love with every Rosaline and Juliet that crosses their path. It is for the passionate, the emotional and the sensitive.