Uncommon Caprillari

Angela Jane Lavender

Uncommon Caprillari

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

18” x 24”


Kristin Cavallari - Capricorn the Seagoat 

You may know Kristin Cavallari as the villain on Laguna Beach and The Hills, or more currently as the star of her own reality tv show Very Cavallari.

Growing up I always identified as a victim. Other people were the villains and I was a victim of circumstance and other people’s actions. I was innocent. Poor me.

But as I’ve gotten older; become more open minded, became a mother, made mistakes and have truly reflected on my life... I’ve realized that “You remain the hero of your own story even when you become the villain of someone else's.” Looking back I have learned that you teach people how to treat you. You get what you allow.
Ten years ago I would have identified more with LC. The victim. She was painted as the heroin of Laguna Beach, quietly longing for Stephen and somehow, his then girlfriend Kristin was portrayed as the bad guy.

Why is that? 

I think it was Kristin’s unapologetic confidence. She spoke her mind, she wasn’t insecure and she owned her space. And as a woman, how dare she?
She may have been the villain of that reality show, but in her own life she is a boss-ass-b*tch! (and I say that solely as a compliment) Capricorn’s are known for their ambition and drive in business. They are pragmatic and decisive. Kristin rose above the media’s perception of her adolescence and forged her own path to success. She is now the CEO of her own growing company Uncommon James as well as a children’s clothing line, Little James Clothing. Both brands honour her late brother James. She took the worst thing that happened to her and created a legacy with his namesake.
Victim, villain, victor.

This Sea Goat is unapologetically herself and that’s the kind of energy I’m feeling right now.

This painting is SOLD but there are Limited Edition Prints of Uncommon Caprillari available to purchase.