Search and Repeat No. 2

Angela Jane Lavender

Search and Repeat No. 2

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Mixed Media on Wood and Coated in Resin

36" x 24"

As an artist, I carry critics in my head. Every negative thing I’ve ever heard about my artwork, I pack into an invisible back pack inside my head and take it with me wherever I go.

As I set up my palette, fill my water and line up my brushes, I gently unpack every negative thought.

And then I tell those thoughts to fuck off and make whatever I was going to make anyway.

The critic doesn’t just go away. As I paint, the voice gets louder. It points out my mistakes. It tells me to correct. Start over.

But instead, I channel the critique. I paint. I correct. I repaint. I splatter. I drip. I keep painting until that voice in my head pointing out every flaw is finally satisfied.

And that’s when I know I’m done. When there is nothing left to fix.

This piece is for anyone who has an inner critic. You know what to tell them.