Prince Edward County Silhouette No. 2

Angela Jane Lavender

Prince Edward County Silhouette No. 2

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Mixed Media on Wood and Coated in Resin

24" x 30"

Marilyn Monroe doesn’t have anything to do with Prince Edward County. But she was a treasure. She was beloved. My home town is like that, the locals love The County fiercely, in an overly protective big brother kind of way.

PEC used to be referred to as Ontario’s best kept secret. Well, the secret is very much out and everyone wants to visit our community. Many people from the city have second homes here or have planted their roots and established successful businesses on our main streets.

Depending who you talk to in The County, there are mixed reviews about tourists and people who are living here that aren’t from here. My opinion is that the entrepreneurs who have moved here have only enriched our little wine country and made it better. The tourists are the driving force to our small businesses and without them we wouldn’t survive.

I don’t care how long you have lived here or if your Daddy’s Daddy grew up here, all I care about is that you give whoever is going up the town hill the right of way.

We could’t save Marilyn.

We can save the County.

Treat her with respect and she will flourish.

This piece is for a PEC local, new or old.