Primal Advocate

Angela Jane Lavender

Primal Advocate

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

16" x 20"

Mothers know best.

I knew I was pregnant with my second before I even missed my period. Grapes tasted far too delicious to not be the result of hormonal changes caused by my offspring. The next day, my pregnancy test was positive.

I also knew something was terribly wrong when my first stopped moving. Three hospitals later and he was born via emergent c-section.

We just know.

We know when a fever is just a fever that is fighting something off, or when there is a more serious underlying issue. Even when doctors and family members reassure us that everything is fine. If our mothers’ intuition tells us that it’s not fine ... then it’s just not.

And there isn’t a force in this world that can stop a mother who is fighting for her child’s health and wellbeing.

Trust your intuition.

-Featuring Caroline and Bennett and bringing awareness to Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES)-