My Daughter's Daughter

Angela Jane Lavender

My Daughter's Daughter

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

24" x 36"

This look right here is why I wanted to paint this image. This inexplicable overflow of emotion. This moment of watching your daughter birth her own child, where everything comes full circle. Women are absolute magic. We are amazing.

When I was a child I looked at being a girl as “less than”. Boys were constantly telling girls that they were better, faster and stronger.

Telling us that pink was gross and anything girly was completely undesirable.

It took a lifetime to unlearn that conditioning.

I now understand what a gift is to be a girl. How magical it is to be a woman. How lucky some woman are to bare children. And how even fewer women are indescribably fortunate to be the mother of a girl, and even fewer get to witness her give birth to her own child.

I hope this painting shows women their worth. I hope this painting shows girls what a treasure they truly are.