Liquid Gold Past Infancy

Angela Jane Lavender

Liquid Gold Past Infancy

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

16" x 20"

For some, breastfeeding comes naturally. and their body just knows what to do.

It’s easy.

For others, it takes HARD work. SNS tubes; lactation cookies, supplements, pumping, domperidone, cluster feeding, sore, cracked and even bleeding nipples. Basically, their blood, sweat and tears go into feeding their young.

Do you know what they will tell you? That it was all worth it. For so many reasons; a reduced risk of SIDS, optimal and customized nutrition, a stronger immune system, lower risk of obesity, higher brain development, reduced risk of allergies, reduced risk of ear infections and diabetes. They have ready made milk at the drop of a nursing bra. And above all that, the incredible bond that is formed when they give their child sustenance from their own body.

Breastmilk also grows with your baby and changes to suit their needs, in regards to their health and their age.

Broccoli doesn’t stop being good for you once you turn 4, and the same is true for human milk.

This mama worked very hard to get her milk to come in, and even harder for it to stay.

Some women nurse longer than others.

Some women don’t nurse at all.

And it’s our job to support them.

All of them.

-Featuring Shannon and Emeline-