The Fourth Trimester

Angela Jane Lavender

The Fourth Trimester

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

24" x 36"

Nothing can prepare you for motherhood but there are definitely things that can help. Prenatal classes; baby and parenting books, endless apps, pins and articles.

You prepare the nursery, you pick out names and try as you might to fight the urge, you organize every single kitchen cupboard.

You choose baby names with your partner and tell your friends that the little bun in your oven must be preparing you for the lack of sleep you’re about to endure.

You know without a doubt the kind of parent you will be; gentle, firm, patient and fun! You know what parenting choices you will make and which ones you will NEVER make.

And then your baby arrives. This newborn stage is a fog or diapers, feedings, instincts, tears, advice, hormones and exhaustion.

You thought you knew what tired was.

But it’s worse.

You thought you would never.

But you do.

You thought it would be hard.

It is.

You thought it would be amazing.

It is absolutely incredible.

You thought you knew how much you would love them.

But it’s more.

-Featuring Sophie and Riley-