JJ The Fish

Angela Jane Lavender

JJ The Fish

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

18” x 24”

Jameela Jamil - Pisces the Fish

I first came across Jameela in ‘The Good Place’ in her role as Tahani where I was immediately struck by her obvious beauty and delightful accent.
But it was following her on Instagram @jameelajamilofficial and her sister account @i_weigh where I became enthralled by her candor. Openly discussing her own body dis-morphia and disordered eating. Exposing behind the scenes of celebrity and advocating for feminists, POC, and body acceptance.

She helped me to open my mind and broaden my perspective. She challenged me to become more acutely aware of my white, cis, straight and thin privilege.

I am still learning from her. Through her podcasts and activism, she continues to push boundaries, not just those set up by others, but the walls and biases she has built within herself. She is constantly growing and in sharing her wisdom she is encouraging her followers to do the same.

Whenever I listen to her podcasts or read her posts, it makes me question my own thoughts, my own beliefs, and typically she makes points that I hadn’t even considered.

Pisces the Fish represent growth and have been linked to Aphrodite; and her name , Jameela Jamil literally translates to beauty, beautiful and if that doesn’t straight up describe the inside and outside of Jameela Jamil, I don’t know what does.