Self Portrait No. 1

Angela Jane Lavender

Self Portrait No. 1

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

11" x 14"

I do my best thinking while painting.

I reflect, I feel and I often cry.

Because of painting, I know myself.

So. Very. Well.

I know my clean and presentable self, I know my dark and dirty. I know my flaws and I know my light.

I can tell you that I hold regrets. I can tell you that I hold grudges. I’m an obsessive, blunt, needy, opinionated challenger. I debate, I argue and I’m highly (often times overly) sensitive. I have a lot of feelings and tend to swim in them.

I take things to heart.

I care. A lot.

I can also tell you that I am passionate honest, attentive and reliable. I am friendly and outgoing. I’m talented and confident and I don’t feel the least bit of hesitation or shame when I say that. I fight for people I care about and what I believe to be right.

If you know yourself well, this piece is for you.