Scorpio Rodham Clinton

Angela Jane Lavender

Scorpio Rodham Clinton

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

18” x 24”

Hillary Rodham Clinton - Scorpio the Scorpion

Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump and I found that to be a devastating moment in history. I adore Hillary and I feel that she would have made a tremendous President. She would have been the first female President and she would have made the world a better place.

Hillary is the prime example of a society that hates women so much that they would rather vote for a misogynistic, narcissistic, racist, homophobic, hateful, self-centred, spoiled man-child who can’t even allow his opponents to speak and have an adult conversation let alone a public debate, than they would a woman.

She is an experienced, intelligent, kind-hearted woman who has dedicated her life to politics. Like a true Scorpio she is powerful, controlled, and resilient. Her history is impeccably clean, despite slanderous attempts at making her seem otherwise based on some bogus emails that turned out to be nothing of consequence. I admire the way she has carried herself as a politician and the changes she advocates for. The path she has carved for women.

I often think about my past. The people in my past and the decisions that I’ve made to create the future that I live in today. One of the things that I often think about is what the world would have looked like today if Hillary Clinton was President of the United States of America. As we look forward to this new election I can’t help but wonder how the chain of events of 2020 would have unfolded if she was in the White House and I am concerned for the next term and what will happen if Donald Trump is re-elected.

I’m not even American. I watch from across the border in Canada and it makes me feel sad watching Trump complain about Covid being a hoax, only to catch the virus. It breaks my heart to hear the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. With complete disregard to the facts, not an ounce of respect for others.

2020 has felt like a dystopian novel and I would really like to read the last chapter of this book and start a new one.