Angela Jane Lavender


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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

18" x 24"

Motherhood is weighted with heavy choices from the moment we give birth. Decisions that are tied to pride, mom guilt, doubt, judgement, and even shame.

Natural vs Epidural

Breastfeed vs Bottle Feed

Cloth vs Disposable

Homemade vs Packaged

Hospital vs Home Birth

Emerge vs Wait it Out

Doctor vs Midwife

Stay at Home vs Work

Baby Led Weaning vs Purées

Sleep Train vs Co-Sleeping

And most recently,

Homeschool vs Public School during a global pandemic.

When it came to making the difficult decision about whether to keep your child(ren) home or to send them to school or daycare, there was a unanimous tone from mothers everywhere, “There is no wrong answer. There is no right answer.” It didn’t come with guilt or shame and it didn’t feel like a “versus” it felt like an “or”. And although we all may have felt uncertain in our choices, there was no judgement from either side. We chose what worked best for us and for our children.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if that’s the way we treated all of these choices?