Jennifer Aquariston

Angela Jane Lavender

Jennifer Aquariston

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Mixed Media on Canvas 

18” x 24”

Jennifer Anniston -Aquarius the Water Bearer

Ruler of her own body and her own choices, an Aquarius woman will not tolerate being told what to do.

Choosing not to have children is becoming more and more common. We are living in a  society that is more conscious of the state of the environment, the weight of parenthood, and the harsh realities of affording the basics... let alone extra comfort.

We are shocked when we hear that someone doesn’t want kids, for our own children are our greatest joy. Our greatest love. And how could someone not want that? Especially if that someone is a woman.

Today, many couples are choosing to enjoy their freedom. With that comes disposable time, travel, a lot less stress and a lot more money.

I have always adopted the stance that people who don’t want kids shouldn’t have kids. Partly because it’s better for the environment but mostly because parenting is really hard. Like, really hard. I am of the generation that has made that abundantly clear. We aren’t sugar coating it like our mothers’ before us. We are telling it like it is.  And yet we are flustered when the women we love and care about tell us that they don’t want kids of their own.

But if she is at all like an Aquarian woman,

she is likely a water bearer, not a child bearer.

And that is entirely her decision.