Bullena Dunham

Angela Jane Lavender

Bullena Dunham

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas

18” x 24”

Lena Dunham - Taurus the Bull

Lena Dunham has suffered from anxiety, OCD, Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, an eating disorder and endometriosis that resulted in a hysterectomy. True to her zodiac, Lena is resilient, outspoken, tough and ambitious. Even her nose piercing, represents the Bull.

Despite all of her hurdles, she has still managed to become a successful writer, creator, producer, director and actress with several awards under her belt.

Her character Hannah Horvath from HBO’s GIRLS outrageously claimed to be the voice of her generation; and in 2012 life mimicked art when Lena herself literally won the Glamour Award for “The Voice of a Generation”.

Watching GIRLS I felt liberated. It depicted flawed relationships; imperfect bodies, realistic sloppy sex and the heartfelt depths of insecurities in modern young adults. There was no heroin or cookie cutter characters. The season finale didn’t end at all how I thought it would. Lena’s writing for the show, just like her book, was honest and raw. It was refreshing.

I am only an amateur writer. I don’t even feel worthy of that title or to even call myself a writer at all. But from her, I learned to write from my experience. Not just the light and airy, but the dark; the real, the scary.

“It’s not brave to do something that doesn’t scare you.” -Lena Dunham