Unabashed and Untethered

Angela Jane Lavender

Unabashed and Untethered

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Oils on Canvas

20" x 16" 

Becoming a mother felt like an awakening.

All of a sudden, I understood and appreciated things I didn’t before.

I thought of pregnancy as common and ordinary but after experiencing it, I saw it as exceptional.

I’m growing a human!!

INSIDE of my body!?!

It was mind blowing to witness my body expand and shift to make room for its new resident. Experiencing little flutters that turn into kicks. Knowing this tiny little person is a perfect concoction of you and your partner. It left me awestruck.

Growing up a girl, I spent a lifetime comparing myself to other women and even subconsciously competing against them. Wanting to be the smartest, the funniest and the prettiest. I wanted to be the best. The most.

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I felt that fade away. I no longer felt against; I felt together. I understood that just because someone is beautiful or kind or smart, doesn’t mean that you are not. There is space for all of us. I recognized in myself, the same strength and raw beauty that I saw in other mothers.

I gawked. Just look at what we are capable of! Look how amazing our bodies are! We are in this together. No matter our parenting choices or path to parenthood.

I no longer felt judged and I no longer wanted to compare. I felt like I had joined a club. A group of moms who are all just trying their best to make the most out of these sweet little creatures who are the centre of our world. A camaraderie of girls who are looking for the light and magic in our postpartum bodies. Women who need grace and support.

That’s what being a mother did for me. It opened me up and left me bare. Being exposed and humbled like that, made me feel united.

Our bodies are incredible.

We are absolute magic.

We are moms.

-Featuring Caitlin and Kessler-