Angela Jane Lavender


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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas 

24” x 30”

No matter how hard you try, nothing in this world will ever fully prepare you for motherhood. It is something that can only be truly understood through experience.

You think you know what love is.

You think you know what sleep deprivation feels like.

You think you know how hard it will be.

You read books. You take classes. You decorate the nursery and buy all the things. You prepare as best as you can.

And then it happens. Like a tidal wave.

All the feelings. All the tears. All the milk.

No sleep. No breaks. No comprehension for how you could possibly love this sweet perfect baby as much as you do right now. No idea that every single day that immense love will continue to grow exponentially.

And amidst all of the sleepless nights and array of emotions you will find yourself watching them sleep, holding them tight and feeling like you are complete. Like you have everything you need, and you will know.

-Featuring Em and Reese-