Powerful Chalice

Angela Jane Lavender

Powerful Chalice

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Water Mixable Oils on Canvas 

10" x 10"

Pregnancy confronts a lifetime of harmful messages and impossible standards. Watching your body expand beyond your control, eating ravenously, feeling nauseous, gaining pound after pound and the constant wave of hormones can feel like you’re losing control of your own body.

The first time I was pregnant I HATED it. I felt large and exhausted. I didn’t feel sexy. I felt gross and undesirable. I felt ruined.

However, I finally appreciated my pre-pregnancy body. Why didn’t I love my size before?

Well, probably because I was told not to. Not directly, but by society. Girls are conditioned their whole lives to believe that their bodies should look a certain way. They are constantly being sold solutions to fix problems that simply aren’t there. Products that will make you smaller, more beautiful, less hairy, smoother, wrinkle free, better, worthy. The patriarchy lies to women and tells us that what matters most is the way we look.

So it is only natural that we struggle to accept the ebb and flow of our bodies greatest super power.

It wasn’t until after I gave birth to my second born, that I truly understood the sheer power and raw beauty of a pregnant body. Our bodies are amazing! Women bring LIFE into this world. It is the most common, every day miracle and women are fortunate to be able to expand and contract. To nurture our children. It’s incredible!

This silhouette perfectly encompasses that transcendent capability. Curves, folds and stretch marks all deserve to be celebrated. Mothers are an unstoppable force of nature.

Moms are pure magic.

-Featuring Ashley-